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Colleen Dempster


M.Sc., B.Sc.

Certified Arborist #ON-2726A

Soil Food Web Certified Laboratory Technician

Colleen's passion is in restoring the environment. With a Masters of Science that involved looking at algae under the microscope, Colleen quickly adapted to using the microscope to analyze soil microbes. She has been making compost, compost tea, and analyzing samples since 2018. She is a graduate of Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School Foundation Courses and a certified Soil Food Web Laboratory Technician.

Let's Chat

For bioamendments and consulting contact Colleen at


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About Us

ReWild is a holistic soil health care company that focus's on addressing the root of the problem. We help plants thrive by using principles of permaculture and organic soil amendments. Specifically, we aim to restore soil through the reintroduction of the complete soil food web via diagnostics, consulting, and treatment (compost/extract/teas). We can also help you make a better compost/extract/tea.

Our Goals

  • To educate people about soil life - through workshops, presentations, and consulting,

  • To test and publish data on microbial life in soils, composts, and compost teas/extracts, bringing transparency and quality-control to the industry,

  • To produce some of the finest quality compost available,

  • To make compost extracts and teas more available to the public,

  • To rewild soils with microbes!


My plants are absolutely incredible this year - thriving like I've never seen in 17 years of growing food on this property. And while part of that is my increased knowledge and skill, I attribute this year specifically to your compost. WOW. I am so so impressed. You have made me a lifelong customer.

Carly McDougal, Bounty from the Boonies

I met Colleen from Rewild January of 2024. She is knowledgable, open to sharing her knowledge and a good teacher. ... She shared a sample of the compost she made last fall and spent over an hour with me looking at a few samples under her microscope. She has a great set up, a powerful microscope and a good quality camera. ... It was helpful to meet her and spend this time together.

Rachel Holmes, Soil Food Web School Student

... Colleen is a leader in the regenerative compost movement. She has a deep understanding of the science behind healthy soil and biologically rich compost and she has the ability to make it sound easy. The thing I love though is Colleen can tell you what quality compost is and why but she can also show you with her microscope, why your compost or soil is healthy. She is one of the few practicioners I know that can back up her work with proof. 

Joseph Durand, Soil Foodweb Student,Compost Toronto

Testimonial coming soon


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