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The microbial world is as mysterious as the deep ocean or outer space. Invisible to the naked eye, soil microbes are just as important to the soil as plankton is to the ocean. Soil microbes make up the base of the soil food web, but unfortunately much of the world's soils (natural or artificial such as potting soil) are lacking the full suite of soil microbes. Certain modern agriculture practices (use of chemicals, tillage, monoculture crops) are actually destroying the soil, harming the environment, and producing poor quality foods. We need to shift our way of thinking and practices away from what was taught during the exploitative "green revolution" and back to working with nature.


Our soil restoration service considers the whole ecosystem. We consult with our clients to establish what exactly their goals are, and help them have a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished. We conduct site visits and examine site characteristics, including taking "before" and "after" soil samples to monitor changes in soil biology. With this, we create a comprehensive package to help you understand and manage your soils better. 

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Microbiology Reports

We look at soil/compost/tea samples under a microscope, which allows us to identify and enumerate soil microbes including: protists, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, and more. We then produce a comprehensive microbiology report that is comparable with other Soil Foodweb Certified Labs.

$120 per report or 3 for $300.

Biological Consulting

We consider your goals and expectations, site conditions from landscape to microscopic, and we help design a meaningful restoration program for you. Available to chat via email, phone, or in-person (site visits).


Package deals available.


The microbial world is diverse, exciting and mysterious. Allow us to illuminate some of the unknowns about soil microbiology through live sample analysis, presentations, handouts, and other outreach materials.

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