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Compost/tea/extracts contain a diversity and abundance of soil microbes. These easily-applied liquids can "rewild" any soil, re-introducing the complete suite of soil microbes that will restore soil structure, nutrient cycling, and result in better plants.


We can look at your soil/compost/tea sample under a microscope and quantify the diversity and abundance of soil microbes. Noting if anything is missing from the complete suite of soil microbes (aka the soil food web), we can custom make a soil amendment that will restore that organism to the soil.

Our compost, tea and extracts are made at our homestead in Uxbridge, need to be pre-ordered, and can be picked up on-site. Our products are quality-controlled using a microscope and are made with only locally sourced, all natural ingredients.

Our product line is evolving. Contact us for more information!

Compost Tea

Compost Tea is a liquid soil biostimulant. It is made using high quality compost as an inoculum of microbes. Water and microbial foods are added and the solution is vigorously aerated for ~24 hours. The microbial population booms to numbers exponentially greater than the parent compost. The resulting solution is sticky and best for foliar applications.

Compost Extract

Similarly to Compost Tea, Compost Extract is a liquid biostimulant that is brewed using high quality compost and water. The difference is that no microbial foods are added, so the microbes aren't reproducing as much. The resulting solution is more diverse, less sticky, andd better for soil drenches and deep root applications.

Coming soon...

We are currently experimenting with making nematode extractions, protozoan infusions, and more. Stay tuned for these unique offerings!

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