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Puppy Yoga Success

In July 2018 I taught my first "puppy yoga" class. No, that's not teaching yoga to puppies; that's teaching yoga to people in the presence of puppies! While it is not a traditional form of yoga, it builds on the yogic philosophies of laughing and letting go. In my opinion, dogs (and puppies) are an excellent reminder of the non-judgement, curiosity, and playfulness that we should all attempt to embody more in our daily lives.

A unique occasion that depends on access to puppies and a trust between owner (breeder) and clients (including teacher), there may not be another puppy yoga class for a while. But for your enjoyment, feel free to browse the photos and gain some of the after-glow of this joyous occasion.

Special thanks to Nancy and Garth Hutchinson of Decks Out Back for inviting us to share their space and puppies, to Glenda Travis for taking professional photos for us, to friends and family who joined in the fun, and of course to the dogs themselves for being such good sports, especially Mama Sage!

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