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Plans for 2024

takes a deep breath in and out.

It has been a few months since I made a blog post or showed any "in action" posts on Instagram, because the life of a microbe farmer in Ontario is pretty much put on hold in freezing temps. Compost is frozen, seeds are dormant, and I am working other jobs! (In fact, I got a great gig teaching Tree Health Management, Woody Plant Propagation, and Humans, Water and the Environment at Fleming College since September! Thank you Katrina for seeing the teacher in me and for being a great mentor).

But plans and actions for developing compost/teas/extracts and consulting are in full swing. I have been developing a business plan with my bulk-compost partner Michael Jewett (at, which is a story in itself. (Michael is a retired physician and dean at Princess Margaret, where my Dad used to work, knowing him as a colleague, Michael is also a dog lover with a male B&W border collie, Michael also loves science and has turned his attention to making the world a better place through sustainable infrastructure and composting the horse manure from his stables). With Mike's help, I will be building bulk compost piles using diverse and clean feedstock, with a high carbon content coming from mostly woodchips and high N coming from mostly beer mash. This compost should reach thermal aerobic thresholds and be suitable for compost tea. My goal is to produce 100 yards!!! We have been keeping good relationships with Falcon Brewing, Uxbridge McDonalds, and Dreamworks Tree Services , and some helpful friends and neighbours for some of the bulk feedstock for this epic mission.

I am making connections with many others, especially through a group of, dare I say it, new friends in the soil regen world. Shout outs to our group Compost Toronto (regulars Joe, Sunday, Mark, Ian, Dorte, Yousef, Sean @, Chris @ and more), the online community/those from further away (hello Keisha and Casey @, Chad @ , Dujon @, Kane @ , and those right here in Uxbridge Carly @

Not to mention new Research Partners, Thomas Elcome and Farmer John, Owen Goltz and Abel. We received a research grant from EFAO to do field trials using COMPOST EXTRACT and other bioamendments (biochar? purchased microbes?)...

This winter I joined the Design School for Regenerating Earth with Joe Brewer and enrolled in REGENERATIVE MICROSCOPY with Matt Powers - that will really up my Microscope game. The microscopy certification is a 20 week program that I can't wait to dive in to.

Finally, maybe not finally, I joined the Uxbridge Farmers Market , where I will be selling

  • Compost Tea

  • Compost Extract

  • DIY Compost Tea Brew Kits

  • Microscope demonstrations/consulting

  • Mike's Magic Mulch

And finally, I have a few presentations scheduled (eg. ReforestLondon, Uxbridge Rotary Club) and plan on hosting a few workshops.

So as you can see, I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, and am preparing for a particularly busy spring/summer before getting back in to teaching in September. I love what I'm doing and only wish my days were longer so I could do more! Apologies for the lengthly update, that isn't as photogenic as I would normally make a post, but I have to get back to marking.

Finally, for real, a huge shout out to my patient husband Scott (@ for taking our daughter on outings so I can work, cooking great dinners, and being that person I can go to when I need to vent and just need a hug. You are my greatest partner.

Best to you all. If you've read this far, you're the shit.




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