ReThink: Soil Microbiology

The microbial world is as mysterious as the deep ocean or outer space. Invisible to the naked eye, soil microbes are just as important to the soil as plankton is to the ocean. Soil microbes make up the base of the soil food web, but unfortunately much of the world's soils (natural or artificial such as potting soil) are lacking the full suite of soil microbes. Certain modern agriculture practices (use of chemicals, tillage, monoculture crops) are actually destroying the soil, harming the environment, and producing poor quality foods. We need to shift our way of thinking and practices away from what was taught during the exploitative "green revolution" and back to working with nature.


Our soil restoration service considers the whole ecosystem. We consult with our clients to establish what exactly their goals are, and help them have a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished. We conduct site visits and examine site characteristics, including taking "before" and "after" soil samples to monitor changes in soil biology. With this, we create a comprehensive package to help you understand and manage your soils better. 

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ReStore: Biological Solutions


Compost/tea/extracts contain a diversity and abundance of soil microbes. These easily-applied liquids can "rewild" any soil, re-introducing the complete suite of soil microbes that will restore soil structure, nutrient cycling, and result in better plants.


We can look at your soil/compost/tea sample under a microscope and quantify the diversity and abundance of soil microbes. Noting if anything is missing from the complete suite of soil microbes (aka the soil food web), we can custom make a soil amendment that will restore that organism to the soil.

Our compost and Biological Solutions are made at our homestead in Uxbridge, need to be pre-ordered, and can be picked up on-site. Our products are quality-controlled using a microscope and are made with only locally sourced, all natural ingredients.

Coming Soon: Compost Tea up to 1000L, Nematode Extractions, Protozoan Infusions.

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