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Building a Prospector Tent

This year friends, neighbours, Scott and I erected a gorgeous wall tent / prospector tent / glamping tent. With cedar tree posts that we personally harvested from a neighbours woodlot down the road, and cedar decking, it has a real back-to-basics feel.

In just one weekend we saw this clearing in our back 5 acres transform from sand and grass to a liveable space! We then put in a lockable shed for safe storage, composting outhouse (the best kind for smell removal and recycling) and fire pit. Next up will be to pipe in some water for an outdoor shower and sink, and put a roof over an outdoor kitchen set-up.

Scott and I have tested out the glamping experience and assure you it is an EXPERIENCE! You will be sheltered from the rain but you will feel the air temperature (we provide all the blankets you may/not need!). The sounds of nature will lull you to sleep, and you may wake up with the view of wild turkeys crossing through the forest in front of you.

At this time of year (October), the land looks particularly stunning!

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